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Creating a Firewall or NAT Policy Change Request


Use the Create Change Request page to create change requests for a firewall or NAT policy.

To create a change request:

  1. Select Configure > <Policy-Name> >Policies.

    The Policies page appears.

  2. Select the policy that you want to request a change, and click Request Change.

    The Create Change Request page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration by using the guidelines in Table 1.
  4. Click OK to complete the configuration or Cancel to discard the configuration.

Table 1: Fields on the Create Change Request Page



Request Name

Enter a unique string of alphanumeric characters, colons, periods, dashes, and underscores. No spaces are allowed; maximum length is 63 characters.


Enter a description for the change request; maximum length is 255 characters.

Ticket Number

Enter the ticket number of the change request; maximum length is 255 characters.

This is an identifier to a ticket in the customer’s ticketing system. This helps in correlating the change request to an item in the customer’s ticketing system. More than one change request can be mapped to a ticket. Because a change request is for a single policy, a ticket could involve changes to multiple policies.

Different customers use different terminologies to represent the ticketing system. Therefore, the name of this field is configurable. For example, you can name this field as ticket number, work-flow, tracking ID, or any other name.

Request Priority

Select the priority from the list for your change request. The change requests are processed according to the priority.

The available options are:

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

  • Critical

This field indicates the criticality of the change request and helps the approver to prioritize the review of their outstanding tickets. Apart from prioritizing the reviews, this does not affect the change request workflow in any other way.

Approval Due Date

Select a due date for approval.

If you do not select a date, a default duration of 5 days from the current date is set as a due date for approval.


Click View to view the unsubmitted changes of a policy.