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Modifying Juniper ATP Cloud Realm


Use the Modify ATP Cloud Realm page to modify the site information and global configuration information of an existing ATP Cloud realm. You can also view devices from the realm that are not managed by Security Director.

To modify a Juniper ATP Cloud realm:

  1. Select Configure>Threat Prevention> Feed Sources.

    The Feed Sources page appears.

  2. Select the realm and click the pencil icon to modify the configuration.

    The Modify ATP Cloud Realm page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration by using the guidelines in Table 1.
  4. Click Finish to complete the configuration or Cancel to discard the changes.

Assigning a site to the realm will cause a change in the device configuration in the associated devices.

Table 1: Fields on the Modify ATP Cloud Realm page





Select a site to enroll into the realm. If there are no sites associated with the realm, click Create new site.

Unmanaged Devices

Lists all devices from the realm that are not managed in Security Director. You must manually discover them.

Global Configuration

IPv6 Feeds

Enable this option to receive IPv6 feeds from Policy Enforcer.

Threat Level Threshold

Select a threshold level to block the infected hosts and to send an e-mail to the selected administrators notifying about the infected host events.


Enable or disable logging for the Malware or the Host Status event.

Proxy Servers

Click the add icon (+) to enter the IPv4 address of the proxy server, in the Server IP column.

You can also edit the existing IP address or delete them.