The following operation is supported on this resource:

  • GET - Get a single audit log in Junos Space
GET /audit-logs/{id} Version 1

This API gives complete information about a particular audit log record. It provides the pull through information about the modified object or objects and names responsible for modifications.


Sample Usage

GET /audit-logs/{id}

  • Parameters:
    Name Type URI Type Description Required
    id Integer Path   Y
  • Sample Output XML:

    <audit-log uri="/api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs/589827">
       <description>Job: Run Device Discovery Profile.</description>
       <logTime>2011-08-29 11:01:25 IST</logTime>
       <applicationName>Network Management Platform</applicationName>
       <taskName>Run Now Device Discovery Profile</taskName>
       <job href="/api/space/job-management/jobs/360448">
       <domain href= "/api/space/domain-management/domains/32769"/>

  • Sample Output JSON:

      "audit-log": {
           "@uri": "/api/space/audit-log-management/audit-logs/2883611",
           "description": "Job: Run Device Discovery Profile.",
           "logTime":"2011-08-29 11:01:25 IST",
           "applicationName":"Network Management Platform",
           "taskName": "Run Now Device Discovery Profile",
           "result":"Job Scheduled",
               "@href": "/api/space/job-management/jobs/360448" ,
               "@id": 1081344
           } ,
           "domain": {
               "@href": "/api/space/domain-management/domains/32769"

  • Access Control

    The following capabilities are required to access this API: ReadAuditLogs