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Viewing Generated Alarms for Services in the Topology View


Apart from displaying a graphical representation of the nodes and interconnecting links in a network deployment, the Topology View also displays the alarms of each severity level generated for services configured on nodes in the network topology at the top-left corner of the View Topology page. Information is displayed about the alarms generated by different devices for which services, such as E-Line, IP, LSPs, and E-LAN, are configured. The summarized way in which you can view alarm details enables you to examine the health and operating-efficiency of devices, and the performance of services. These alarm details enable effective and simplified troubleshooting and administration.

For example, if you find that a particular device has recorded a large number of critical or major alarms for a service, you can then navigate to the design and provisioning pages of the type of service to correct and modify the attributes or diagnose the problems that might be generating the alarms. You can then clear the appropriate alarm from the Alarm Detail monitor in Fault mode of Service View after examining the alarm and associated events, and taking any corrective action needed to resolve the alarm condition on the corresponding device.


Only service-level alarms are displayed; alarms generated for LSPs configured on the links connecting the nodes are not shown.