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Using Custom Grouping for Devices in a CSD Topology


You can use the custom grouping methodology in Connectivity Services Director to cluster the devices that the CSD-Topology provisions PCEP for establishing LSPs between the PCC routers. Custom group is way of grouping your devices based on your business needs. You can create custom groups and add devices to each custom group. You can manually add devices to a custom group or you can define rules to add devices, that match the rule condition, to the custom group once they are discovered by Connectivity Services Director. You can view the custom groups and devices that are assigned to each group in the Custom Group view.

Using the custom groups feature, you can control how the group is displayed on the topology map—as a single group entity or as individual member nodes. When you expand a group on the topology map by double-clicking the group icon, all the member nodes are listed in a circle with interconnecting links and are displayed on the map. When you collapse a group on the topology map by double-clicking the circle that contains the member nodes, only the group is displayed and represented by a single icon on the map.