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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in Juniper Secure Connect Application Release

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Fixed a problem with reverse DNS (PTR) requests by the operating system.

  • The OpenSSL version used in the Secure Connect has been increased to 1.0.2u-8. This closed the OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2020-1971.

  • In rare cases, the user computer crashed during the first restart after an update of the Secure Connect. This problem only occurred with Windows 10 and has been resolved.

  • The output path for storing the ZIP file with the collected log files was ignored. This problem has been fixed.


  • In rare cases, no data can be transported through the VPN tunnel in connection with a Juniper SRX remote station. This manifests itself in an incorrectly assigned IPv4 address on the Secure Connect adapter. This problem has been fixed.

  • Under certain circumstances, DNS requests were not properly resolved through the VPN tunnel or returned an error. The reason was an incorrectly assigned metric on the Secure Connect’s network adapter. This problem has been fixed.