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Updating the System Time


Configure system time on your JSA console user interface by setting the time manually, or by using NTP servers. The JSA console synchronizes JSA console system time with the managed hosts in your deployment.

Configure the time setting on the JSA console.

  1. On the navigation menu, click Admin.
  2. Click System Configuration.
  3. Click the System and License Management icon.
  4. From the Display menu, select Systems.
  5. Select the host for which you want to configure system time settings.
  6. From the Actions menu, select View and Manage System.
  7. Click the System Time tab.
  8. Select a time zone from the Time Zone menu.

    You can configure only the time zone on a managed host. The system time is synchronized with the JSA console but if the managed host is in a different time zone, then you can change to that time zone.

  9. To configure system time manually, click the Set time manually: radio button, and then set a date and a time.

    If you set the system time to a future date that is affected by Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes, the time you set is adjusted by one hour. For example, on 4 July, 2016, in the US, you set the time and date to 20:00, December 16, 2016. The time that you set ignores the DST change and is adjusted to 19:00.

    When you set the system time on VMware systems and then restart the system, the changes might be lost. To prevent the time changes from being lost you can edit the .vmx file on the virtual device to disable time synchronization, by adding the following lines to the synchronization properties:

    tools.syncTime = "FALSE" time.synchronize.continue = "FALSE" time.synchronize.restore = "FALSE" time.synchronize.resume.disk = "FALSE" time.synchronize.shrink = "FALSE" = "FALSE"

  10. To configure time by using NTP servers, click the NTP Time Servers radio button.
    1. Type an IP address or a host name for the NTP server in the Server 1 Address field.

      Host names are resolved by a DNS server.

    2. To add NTP servers, click the plus icon next to Add More.

  11. Click Save.
  12. Click OK to accept that services are restarted, or Cancel to cancel the changes.

    The services that are restarted include hostcontext and tomcat.