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Use the Report Wizard


You can use the Report Wizard to create a new report. The Report Wizard provides a step-by-step guide on how to design, schedule, and generate reports.

The wizard uses the following key elements to help you create a report:

  • Layout— Position and size of each container

  • Container— Placeholder and location for content in your report

  • Content— Defines the report data JSA Risk Manager includes in chart for the container

When you select the layout of a report, consider the type of report you want to create. For example, do not choose a small chart container for graph content that displays a large number of objects. Each graph includes a legend and a list of networks from which the content is derived; choose a large enough container to hold the data.

The scheduled time must elapse for reports that generate weekly or monthly before the generated report returns results. For a scheduled report, you must wait the scheduled time period for the results to build. For example, a weekly search requires 7 days to build the data. This search returns results after 7 days elapse.