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Re-adding JSA Risk Manager As a Managed Host


You can re-add JSA Risk Manager as a managed host after it is removed.

  1. Click Admin tab.
  2. Click System and License Management >Deployment Actions >Add Host.
  3. Enter the host IP address and password.
  4. Click Add.

    You must wait several minutes while the managed host is added.

  5. Close the System and License Management window.
  6. On the Admin tab toolbar, click Advanced >Deploy Full Configuration.
  7. Click OK.Note

    When you remove a JSA Risk Manager managed host and then re-add a JSA Risk Manager managed host by using a different IP address, you must restart the hostcontext and tomcat services.

    Use SSH to log in to the JSA console as the root user and type the following commands to restart these services:

    systemctl start tomcat -rm

    systemctl start hostcontext

  8. Optional: To view pre-existing benchmark scan profiles in the Monitor Question Results window after the JSA Risk Manager license is re-added, you must reactivate the benchmark scan profiles.
    1. Click Vulnerabilities >Administrative >Scan Profiles > Details tab.

    2. Select the Active check box.

    3. Click Save.