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Configuring the QRadar Assistant App


The QRadar Assistant app is included in QRadar installations of version 7.3.1 and later. You can download the app from the IBM Security App Exchange for those versions. An Admin user must configure certain options to enable the Assistant app in your QRadar environment.

  1. Click the Assistant app icon.Tip

    In QRadar versions 7.3.0 and earlier, click QRadar Assistant.

  2. If you are the Admin configuring the Assistant app for the first time, complete the following steps:
    1. Enter a valid authorized service token into the banner on the Assistant app page and click Save.


      The security profile for the token must be Admin.

    2. Click Settings, select the API Authentications tab, and enter your X-Force Exchange API Key and API Password.


      Validation of the API key can take several seconds.


    After an Admin configures the authorized service token and API key and password, other Admin users do not need to perform this configuration. Non-Admin users can use the Assistant app, but are not authorized to download and install apps. To allow non-Admin users to install apps, they must configure the Assistant app with an authorized service token that is provided by an Admin.

  3. To configure a proxy server for communication with X-Force Exchange, click Settings, select the Proxy tab, and enter the following information for your proxy server:
    • Protocol

    • Address

    • Port

    • User name

    • Password

  4. Click Save, then close the Settings window.
  5. If you want to use the QRadar Phone Home Service, click Agree.

    For more information about the Phone Home Service, see Phone Home.