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What's New in WinCollect



WinCollect is a Syslog event forwarder that administrators can use to forward events from Windows logs to JSA. WinCollect can collect events from systems locally or be configured to remotely poll other Windows systems for events.

Learn about the new features in each WinCollect release.

What's new in 7.2.9

WinCollect JSA 7.2.9 includes the following capabilities:

  • Event Forwarding Filtering.

  • Event Forwarding Sending to one log source support.

  • Digitally signed installers.

  • Millisecond Time format for Event Log collection.

  • DHCP support for Spanish and Polish.

  • CP Support for Status Messages.

  • File Forwarder multi-line log support.

  • Removed MMC requirement from patch installer install.

What's new in 7.2.8

WinCollect JSA 7.2.8 includes the following capabilities:

  • Support for remote polling for Microsoft IIS events using the WinCollect plug-in for Microsoft IIS.

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server.

  • A new logging subsystem that combines logging into a single file.

  • A new statistics file that tracks events per second per channel (event log).

  • Support for the Windows 2016 Core OS.

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