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Deployment and Application Tuning Overview


Tuning your JSA environment involves processes in which one or more parameters of an appliance, deployment, or running system are adjusted to run more efficiently.

After you install JSA and it is running, you can tune your JSA system in the following two phases:

Deployment phase During this phase, you configure essential network, scanner, log source, and asset configurations. This phase is done at the start of your lifecycle management for JSA systems.
Application phase During this phase, you discover servers, investigate offenses, optimize custom rules, edit building blocks, tune false positives, and improve search performance in JSA.

You can also use the JSA Use Case Manager app to tune JSA. Use the guided tips in JSA Use Case Manager app (formerly JSA Tuning app) to help you ensure that JSA is optimally configured to accurately detect threats throughout the attack chain. Download the JSA Use Case Manager app from the IBM Security App Exchange.