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Managing JSA Risk Manager Reports


You can create, edit, distribute, and manage reports for your network devices. Detailed reports on firewall rules and connections between devices are often required to satisfy various regulatory standards, such as PCI compliance.

The following report options are specific to JSA Risk Manager:

Table 1: Report Options for JSA Risk Manager

Report option



The connection diagrams for your network devices that occurred during your specified time frame.

Device rules

The rules configured on your network device during your specified time frame. You can view the following rule types for one or many network devices using this report option:

Most used accept rules

Most used deny rules

Least used accept

Least used deny rules

Shadowed rules

Unused object rules

Device unused objects

Produces a table with the name, configuration date/time, and a definition for any object reference groups that are not in use on the device. An object reference group is a generic term used to describe a collection of IP addresses, CIDR addresses, host names, ports, or other device parameters which are grouped together and assigned to rules on the device.