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Changing Network Settings


You can change the network settings of an JSA Risk Manager appliance that is attached to an JSA console.

You must remove the JSA Risk Manager managed host from JSA console before you change the network settings.

  1. Using SSH, log in to JSA Risk Manager as the root user.
  2. Type the command, qchange_netsetup.
  3. Select an Internet Protocol version. Select Next and press Enter. Depending on your hardware configuration, the window displays up to a maximum of four interfaces. Each interface with a physical link is denoted with a plus (+) symbol.
  4. Select the interface that you want to specify as the management interface. Select Next and press Enter.
  5. Enter information for your host name, IP address, network mask, gateway, primary DNS, secondary DNS, public IP, and email server.

    For network information, see Network Parameter Information for IPv4.

  6. Type your password to configure the JSA Risk Manager root password.
  7. Select Next and press Enter.
  8. Retype your new password to confirm. Select Finish and press Enter.

    This process typically takes several minutes.