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Establishing Communication


You must establish communication between your JSA Risk Manager appliance and your JSA console before you set up and configure JSA Risk Manager.

The process to establish communications might take several minutes to complete. If you change the IP address of your JSA Risk Manager appliance or need to connect JSA Risk Manager to another JSA console, you can use the Risk Manager Settings on the JSA Admin tab.

  1. Open your web browser, and then clear the web browser cache.
  2. Log in to JSA. For information about the IP address, user name or root password, see Access the JSA Risk Manager User Interface.
  3. Click the Risks tab.
  4. Type values for the following parameters:




    The IP address or host name of the JSA Risk Manager appliance

    Root Password

    The root password of the JSA Risk Manager appliance.

  5. Click Save.

Adding the Risk Manager User Role