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Republishing Scan Results


If the asset model is not automatically updated with results from a completed scan, you can manually republish them from the Scan Results page.

If you did not select the Update Asset Model check box when you configured a scan profile, the scan results aren't automatically published to the asset model. You can update the asset model manually with scan results for that profile.

  1. Go to Vulnerabilities >Scan Results
  2. Click the check box on the row that is assigned to the scan results that you want to republish.
  3. Click Republish on the Scan Results page toolbar and then click OK.

    A red warning icon in the Type column indicates that the asset model is not updated with the selected scan results. The red warning icon disappears after the republishing process is complete.

  4. Move the mouse pointer over the Type column to view confirmation in the tooltip that the asset model is updated for the selected scan results.Note

    You can republish multiple scan results at the same time. However, if you republish two sets of scan results from the same profile, the asset model is updated with only the latest set of scan results.

    If you configured automatic report generation on the Email tab of the Scan Profile Configuration page, reports are generated and sent to the email addresses you configured when you republish scan results.