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JSA Vulnerability Manager High-availability Scans


Use a JSA high-availability (HA) deployment to maintain your vulnerability scanning schedule, if your primary JSA deployment fails.

High-availability (HA) version 2 is supported in JSA Vulnerability Manager.

You must use identical appliances with identical software configurations in your high-availability (HA) setup. For information about setting up a high-availability (HA) deployment, see the Juniper Secure Analytics High Availability Guide.

High Availability (HA) Scans

The following appliances are supported in a JSA Vulnerability Manager high-availability (HA) deployment:

  • Console

  • Scanner appliance (610)

  • Processor appliance (600)

Important Notes

Take note of the following information when you deploy high availability (HA) vulnerability scanning:

  • Cancel and restart any in-progress scans after a failover if the scans were in progress during the failover.

  • If you replace an appliance in your HA scanning environment, it might not appear in the deployment. You must re-add the appliance to the HA deployment, and then deploy changes.

  • Use identical appliances and configurations in your high availability (HA) setup.

  • Auto updates do not resume after a failover. You must run an auto update in an uninterrupted active setup.