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Installations and Deployments


Depending on the product that you install and whether you upgrade JSA or install a new system, the Vulnerabilities tab might not be displayed.

You Access JSA Vulnerability Manager by Using the Vulnerabilities Tab:

  • If you install JSA, the Vulnerabilities tab is enabled by default with a temporary license key.

  • If you install Log Manager, the Vulnerabilities tab is not enabled. You can purchase the license for JSA Vulnerability Manager separately and enable it by using a license key.

For more information about upgrading, see the Upgrading Juniper Secure Analytics to 7.4.0.

JSA Vulnerability Manager License

To use JSA Vulnerability Manager after an install or upgrade, you must upload and allocate a valid license key. For more information, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide. The license for JSA Vulnerability Manager license is applied and processed in real time to JSA Vulnerability Manager scanned assets that have at least one IP address. The JSA Vulnerability Manager scan must fall within the configured retention time for the IP address of the asset.

  1. From the Admin tab, click the Asset Profiler Configuration

  2. Find the Asset IP Retention (In Days) row to edit the asset IP retention value.

  3. Change the retention value or check that it is suitable for your needs. The default asset IP retention value is 120 days.

JSA Vulnerability Manager and JSA Risk Manager Licenses

JSA Vulnerability Manager and JSA Risk Manager are combined into one offering and both are enabled through a single base license. The combined offering provides an integrated network scanning and vulnerability management workflow. With the base license, you are entitled to use JSA Vulnerability Manager to scan up to 256 assets. You can integrate JSA Risk Manager with up to 50 standard configuration sources. If you are entitled to either JSA Vulnerability Manager or JSA Risk Manager, you are automatically entitled to the base license allowance for the other product. You require extra licenses to scan more than 256 assets or to integrate with more than 50 configuration sources.

Vulnerability Processing and Scanning Deployments

When you install and license JSA Vulnerability Manager, a vulnerability processor is automatically deployed on your JSA console.

The vulnerability processor provides a scanning component by default. If required, you can deploy more scanners, either on dedicated JSA Vulnerability Manager managed host scanner appliances or JSA managed hosts. For example, you can deploy a vulnerability scanner on an Event Collector or JSA flow processor.

If required, you can move the vulnerability processor to a different managed host in your deployment. You might move the processor to preserve disk space on your JSA console.


You can have only one vulnerability processor in your deployment. You can move the vulnerability processor only to a dedicated JSA Vulnerability Manager processor appliance. You can't add a vulnerability processor to the JSA Flow Processor appliance.

Auto Updates and Vulnerability Information

When you run the auto update, you get the most recent vulnerability metadata and scan tools that are available. Configure your auto updates through an Internet connection or from a local offline server. Typically, vulnerability metadata and scan tools are updated weekly.

As a best practice, ensure that you run auto updates after you install a JSA software update. Run auto update from the Admin tab, by clicking the Auto Update icon.

For more information about installing JSA auto updates, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.