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Asset Risk Levels and Vulnerability Categories


In JSA Vulnerability Manager, you can investigate the exploitation risk level of your scanned assets on the Scan Results Assets page.

The Scan Results Assets page provides a risk and vulnerability summary for each of the assets that you scanned by running a scan profile.

Risk Score

Each vulnerability that is detected on your network has a risk score that is calculated by using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score. A high risk score provides an indication of the potential for a vulnerability exploitation.

On the Scan Results Assets page the Score column is an accumulation of the risk score for each vulnerability on an asset. The accumulated value provides an indication of the level of risk that is associated with each asset.

To quickly identify the assets that are most at risk to vulnerability exploitation, click the Score column heading to sort your assets by the risk level.

Vulnerability Counts and Categories

The Scan Results Assets page shows the total number of vulnerabilities and open services that were discovered on every scanned asset.

To identify the assets with the highest number of vulnerabilities, click the Vulnerability Instances column heading to order your assets.

The High, Medium, Low, and Warning columns group all vulnerabilities according to their risk.

The Policy Check Passed % and Policy Check Failed % columns display the percentage of policy checks that the asset passed or failed in the benchmark scan. Click the values in these columns to see more information on policy checks that passed or failed on the Scan Results Policy Checks page.