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Patterns in Log Source Extension Documents


Rather than associating a regular expression directly with a particular field name, patterns (patterns) are declared separately at the top of the extension document. These regex patterns can be then referenced multiple times within the log source extension file.

All characters between the start tag <pattern> and end tag </pattern> are considered part of the pattern. Do not use extra spaces or hard returns inside or around your pattern or <CDATA> expression. Extra characters or spaces can prevent the DSM extension from matching your intended pattern.

Table 1: Description Of Pattern Parameters




id (Required)


A regular string that is unique within the extension document.

case-insensitive (Optional)


If true, the character case is ignored. For example, abc is the same as ABC.

If not specified, this parameter defaults to false.

trim-whitespace (Optional)


If true, whitespace and carriage returns are ignored. If the CDATA sections are split onto different lines, any extra spaces and carriage returns are not interpreted as part of the pattern.

If not specified, this parameter defaults to false.

use-default-pattern (Optional)


If true, the system uses Java Patterns for the Log Source Extension, instead of the more effective Adaptive Patterns. Set this option to true if Adaptive Patterns are providing inconsistent matching.

If not specified, this parameter defaults to false.