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Building a Universal DSM by using the Log Sources Icon


The first step in building a Universal DSM is to create the log source in JSA. When you create the log source, it prevents the logs from being automatically classified and you can export the logs for review.

If you are using JSA 7.3.0 or earlier, you can build a Universal DSM in JSA only by using the Log Sources icon.

If you are using JSA 7.3.1 to 7.3.3, you can also build a Universal DSM by using the JSA Log Source Management app.

  1. On the Admin tab, click the Log Sources icon.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Specify the name in the Log Source Name field.
  4. From the Log Source Type list, select Universal DSM.

    You might not see the Log Source Extension unless you already applied a log source extension to the JSA console

  5. From the Protocol Configuration list, specify the protocol that you want to use.

    This method is used by JSA to get the logs from the unsupported log source.

  6. For the Log Source Identifier, enter either the IP address or host name of the unsupported log source.
  7. Click Save to save the new log source and close the window.
  8. From the Admin tab, click Deploy Changes.