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JSA Apps


JSA 7.3.0, improve the performance of your apps by using an App Node appliance, where your apps have access to more memory and storage space.

Customers, developers, and Business Partners use the IBM Security App Exchange to share security app and content extensions to enhance Juniper Security products.

Communication Between Apps for Better Threat Detection and Insights

By publishing its API, an app enables a different app to use the intelligence and value that it provides for augmented and enhanced security.

For example, when an app that provides threat intelligence feeds publishes its API, a malware detection engine app can use the threat intelligence feed data in its app.

Improved Processing Power for Apps

In previous releases, when you set up the GUI Application Framework, apps ran on the JSA Console and resource restrictions affected every app that you deployed. In JSA 7.3.0, you can deploy a dedicated App Node on your own computer hardware, to offload system resources that JSA needs to run apps.

For more information about configuring an app node, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.

Optimized Back up and Recovery Process for Applications

Application configurations can now be backed up and restored separate from the application data.

Application configurations are backed up as part of the nightly configuration backup. The configuration backup includes apps that are installed on the JSA Console and on an App Node. You can restore the application configuration by selecting the Installed Applications Configuration option when you restore a backup.

Application data is backed up separate from the application configuration by using an easy-to-use script that runs nightly. You can also use the script to restore the app data, and to configure backup times and data retention periods.

For more information about backing up apps and app data, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.