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Adapter FAQs


JSA Risk Manager uses adapters to connect and get configuration information from network devices.

Do Adapters Support All Devices and Versions That JSA Supports?

Adapters are a separate integration and are used by JSA Risk Manager only to import device configurations. To view a list of supported adapters, see Supported Adapters.

Do All Adapters Support the Same Features, for Example, OSPF Routing?

The range of supported features such as routing support and NAT support vary with the adapters. See Adapter Features.

What User-access Level Does the Adapter Require to Get Device Configuration?

The required access levels varies by adapter but it is restricted to read-only for most adapters. See Supported Adapters and view the user-access level requirements when you select an adapter.

How do You Configure Credentials to Access Your Network Devices?

You must configure credentials to allow JSA Risk Manager to connect to devices in your network. Administrators use Configuration Source Management to input device credentials. Individual device credentials can be saved for a specific network device. If multiple network devices use the same credentials, you can assign credentials to a group. For more information, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager User Guide.

What Credential Fields do You Need to Complete for Each Device?

Some adapters might require only a user name and password while others might need extra credentials, for example, Cisco IOS might require an enable password. See Supported Adapters and view the required credential parameters in the tables.

How do You Configure Protocols for Your Devices?

Use Network Groups, which contain protocols that you can use to enable connectivity to IP/CIDR/ address ranges for devices. For more information, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager User Guide.

How do You Add Your Network Devices to JSA Risk Manager?

Table 1 lists the methods for adding network devices to JSA Risk Manager.

Table 1: Adding Network Devices



Add devices individually

Use this method if you want to run a test backup of a few devices, for example, to check that your credentials and protocols are correctly configured.

Device discovery

Use this method if you have an IP/CIDR address range with SNMP community strings that are configured for each device and you want to find all devices in that address range.

You must have SNMP get community strings defined in your credential set for device discovery to work.

Discovery from management device

Use this method for devices that are managed by a supported management system such as Check Point SMS.

Import devices

If you have several devices in your network, this method is the most reliable.

For information about adding network devices to JSA Risk Manager, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager User Guide.