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Tune Your Asset Discovery Configuration


Tune your asset discovery to manage your asset discovery times and effectiveness.

Tune your asset discovery from the Asset Discovery tab of your scan policy. You can use the default configuration as a fast and efficient way to discover your assets. ICMP pings and TCP SYN packets are enabled by default.

Use the following options to tune your asset discovery:

  • Send ICMP pings.

    Pings are sent to the IP addresses that are configured in the scan profile that uses this scan policy.

  • Send TCP SYN packets to ports.

    This option is a reliable quick option that is enabled for preconfigured ports.

  • Send UDP packets to ports.

    Select this option to send UDP packets to preconfigured ports. UDP is slower than TCP. If you send a UDP packet to an inactive IP address it might take several seconds to complete because of retries.

  • Enable traceroute detection.

    Traceroute detection requires more resources and scan times increase.

  • Enable ICMP detection.

    ICMP detection requires more resources and scan times increase.

  • OS and service fingerprinting

    Probe ports for OS and service information. If you select this option, scan times increase.

You can configure custom discovery options. The options that you choose depend on your requirements and your network structure. Test various options to discover an optimum discovery configuration that matches your needs.