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Configuring a Mount Point for a Secondary HA Host


On your existing secondary high-availability (HA) host, you must configure an NFS mount point for the alternative JSA backup file location.


If you use NFS or a Windows share for offboard storage, your system can lock and cause an outage. This practice is not supported by JSA.

If you choose to use NFS anyway, NFS can be used only for daily backup data, such as the /store/ backup directory. You cannot use NFS for storing active data, which includes the PostgreSQL and ariel databases. If you do use NFS, it might cause database corruption or performance issues.

  1. Using SSH, log in to the JSA secondary HA host as the root user:
  2. Create a backup file location that matches the backup file location on your primary HA host. The default location for JSA backups is /store/backup.

    For more information, see Configuring NFS backup on an existing HA Cluster.


    Do not create your new backup location under the /store file system. Use a subdirectory, such as /store/backup or /store/nfs.

  3. Start the NFS services by typing the following commands:
    systemctl enable rpcbind

    systemctl start rpcbind
  4. Add the following line to the /etc/fstab file: hostname:shared_directory backup location nfs soft,intr,rw,clientaddr=IP address 0 0
  5. Mount the new JSA backup file location by typing the following command:

    mount backup location