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Centrify Identity Platform


The JSA DSM for Centrify Identity Platform collects logs from a Centrify Identity Platform.

To integrate Centrify Identity Platform with JSA, complete the following steps:

  1. If automatic updates are not enabled, download and install the most recent version of the following RPMs on your JSA Console:
    • Protocol Common RPM

    • Centrify Redrock REST API Protocol RPM

    • DSMCommon RPM

    • Centrify Identity Platform DSM RPM

  2. Configure your Centrify Identity Platform to communicate with JSA.
  3. Add a Centrify Identity Platform log source on the JSA Console. The following table describes the Centrify Redrock REST API protocol parameters that require specific values to collect events from Centrify Identity Platform:

Table 1: Centrify Redrock REST API Protocol Log Source Parameters



Log Source type

Centrify Identity Platform

Protocol Configuration

Centrify Redrock REST API

Log Source Identifier

Type a unique name for the log source.

The Log Source Identifier can be any valid value and does not need to reference a specific server. The Log Source Identifier can be the same value as the Log Source Name. If you have more than one Centrify Identity Platform log source that is configured, you might want to identify the first log source as centrify1, the second log source as centrify2, and the third log source as centrify3.

Tenant ID

The Centrify assigned unique customer or tenant ID.


The user name that is associated with the Cloud service for Centrify Identity Platform.


The password that is associated with the Centrify Identity Platform user name.

Event Logging Filter

Select the logging level of the events that you want to retrieve. Info, Warning and Error are selectable. At least one filter must be selected.

Use Proxy

When a proxy is configured, all traffic from the Centrify Redrock REST API travels through the proxy.

Configure the Proxy Server, Proxy Port, Proxy Username, and Proxy Password fields. If the proxy does not require authentication, you can leave the Proxy Username and Proxy Password fields blank.

Automatically Acquire Server Certificate(s)

Select Yes for JSA to automatically download the server certificate and begin trusting the target server.

EPS Throttle

The maximum number of events per second.

The default is 5000.


The time interval can be in hours (H), minutes (M) or days (D).

The default is 5 minutes (5M).