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Installation Prerequisites for WinCollect


Before you can install WinCollect agents, you must verify that your deployment meets the installation requirements.

Supported Versions

Administrators should be aware that supported software versions for WinCollect is the Latest version (n) and latest minus one (n-1). This means that the two newest versions of WinCollect are the versions that JSA Support will recommend with any support tickets (cases) that are opened. To prevent issues, it is important that administrators keep WinCollect deployments updated when new versions are posted to

Distribution Options for WinCollect Agents

WinCollect agents can be distributed in a remote collection configuration or installed on the local host. The following WinCollect collection methods are available: local and remote.

  • Local collection--The WinCollect agent collects events only for the host on which it is installed. You can use this collection method on a Windows host that is busy or has limited resources, for example, domain controllers.


    Local collection on Domain Controllers is more stable than remote collection because Domain Controllers typically have a heavier event per second (EPS) rate than member servers.

Figure 1: Local Collection for WinCollect Agents
Local Collection for WinCollect Agents
  • Remote Collection--The WinCollect agent is installed on a single host and collects events from multiple Windows systems. Use remote collection to easily scale the number of Windows log sources that you can monitor.

Figure 2: Remote Collection for WinCollect Agents
Remote Collection for WinCollect Agents

System Performance and Deployment Strategies

Use the following strategies to reduce the impact to system performance:

  • To reduce the total number of agents, use remote collection where one agent monitors many endpoints.

  • If you update a group of WinCollect agents, do it during off-peak operating hours.

  • Deploy and manage the WinCollect agents in groups of 100 and monitor system performance for issues.