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Troubleshooting Scanners



Description: If you come across a problem with your scanner, you can troubleshoot the following issues:


What do you do if the product version or device you have is not listed in the JSA Vulnerability Assessment Configuration Guide?

Sometimes a version of a vendor product or a device is not listed as supported. If the product or device is not listed, follow these guidelines:

  • Version not listed - If the scanner is for a product that is officially supported by JSA, but the version listed in the JSA Vulnerability Assessment Configuration Guide appears to be out-of-date, try the scanner to see whether it works. The product versions that are listed in the guide are tested by Juniper, but newer untested versions might also work. In most cases, no changes are necessary, or at most a minor update may be all that is required. Software updates by vendors might on rare occasions add or change event formats that break the scanner, requiring an RFE for the development of a new integration. This would be the only scenario where an RFE is required. In either event, open a support ticket for a review of the log source to troubleshoot and rule out any potential issues that are not related to the software version.

  • Device not listed - When a device is not officially supported, you have two options:

    • Open a request for enhancement (RFE) to have your device become officially supported.

      1. Log in to JSA.

      2. Log in to the support portal page.

      3. Click the Submit tab and type the necessary information.