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Configuring SolarWinds Orion to Communicate with JSA


To collect events in JSA from SolarWinds Orion, you must configure your SolarWinds Orion Alert Manager device to create SNMP traps.

  1. Log in to your SolarWinds Orion Alert Manager device.
  2. Select Start >All Programs >SolarWinds Orion >Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping >Advanced Alert Manager.
  3. In the Alert Manager Quick Start window, click Configure Alerts.
  4. In the Manage Alerts window, select an existing alert and then click Edit.
  5. Select the Triggered Actions tab.
  6. Click Add New Action.
  7. In the Select an Action Window, select Send an SNMP Trap and click OK.
  8. Configure the SNMP Trap Definitions— Type the IP address of the JSA console or Event Collector
  9. Configure the Trap Template— Select ForwardSyslog.
  10. Configure the SNMP Version— Select the SNMP Version to use to forward the event.

    SNMPv2c— Type the SNMP Community String to use for SNMPv2c authentication. The default SNMP Community String value is public.


    To verify that your SNMP trap is configured properly, select an alert that you edited and click Test. This action triggers and forwards the events to JSA.

    SNMPv3— Type the Username and select the Authentication Method to use for SNMPv3.

  11. Click OK.