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Configuring RSA Authentication Manager 7.x


You can configure your RSA Authentication Manager 7.x device.

  1. Log in to the RSA Security Console.
  2. Click Administration >Log Management >Recurring Log Archive Jobs.
  3. In the Schedule section, configure values for the Job Starts, Frequency, Run Time, and Job Expires parameters.
  4. For the Operations field, select Export Only or Export and Purge for the following settings: Administration Log Settings, Runtime Log Settings, and System Log Settings. Note

    The Export and Purge operation exports log records from the database to the archive and then purges the logs form the database. The Export Only operation exports log records from the database to the archive and the records remain in the database.

  5. For Administration, Runtime, and System, configure an Export Directory to which you want to export your archive files.

    Ensure that you can access the Administration Log, Runtime Log, and System Log by using FTP before you continue.

  6. For Administration, Runtime, and System parameters, set the Days Kept Online parameter to 1. Logs older than 1 day are exported. If you selected Export and Purge, the logs are also purged from the database.
  7. Click Save.
  8. You are now ready to configure the log sources and protocol within JSA:
    1. To configure JSA to receive events from an RSA device, you must select the RSA Authentication Manager option from the Log Source Type list.

    2. To configure the log file protocol, you must select the Log File option from the Protocol Configuration list.