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Configuring RSA Authentication Manager 6.x


You can configure your RSA Authentication Manager 6.x device.

  1. Log in to the RSA Security Console.
  2. Log in to the RSA Database Administration tool:
  3. Click the Advanced tool.

    The system prompts you to log in again.

  4. Click Database Administration.

    For complete information on using SecurID, see your vendor documentation.

  5. From the Log list, select Automate Log Maintenance.

    The Automatic Log Maintenance window is displayed.

  6. Select the Enable Automatic Audit Log Maintenance check box.
  7. Select Delete and Archive.
  8. Select Replace files.
  9. Type an archive file name.
  10. In the Cycle Through Version(s) field, type a value.
  11. For example 1, Select Select all Logs.
  12. Select a frequency.
  13. Click OK.
  14. You are now ready to configure the log sources and protocol in JSA:
    1. To configure JSA to receive events from an RSA device, you must select the RSA Authentication Manager option from the Log Source Type list.

    2. To configure the log file protocol, you must select the Log File option from the Protocol Configuration list.