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Pirean Access: One


The Pirean Access: One DSM for JSA collects events by polling the DB2 audit database for access management, and authentication events.

JSA supports Pirean Access: One software installations at v2.2 that use a DB2 v9.7 database to store access management and authentication events.

Before You Begin

Before you configure JSA to integrate with Pirean Access: One, you can create a database user account and password for JSA. Creating a JSA account is not required, but is beneficial as it secures your access management and authentication event table data for the JSA user.

Your JSA user needs read permission access for the database table that contains your events. The JDBC protocol allows JSA to log in and poll for events from the database based on the time stamp to ensure that the most recent data is retrieved.


Ensure that firewall rules do not block communication between your Pirean Access: One installation and the JSA console or managed host responsible for event polling with JDBC.