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GUI Application Framework REST API Endpoints


GUI Application Framework endpoints are available in the latest version of the JSA API that you can use to develop apps.

Apps are packaged as compressed archives (.zip), within the extension archive. Extensions can be installed or uninstalled by using RESTful endpoints. Apps within an extension (.zip) file use extra RESTful endpoints to control the lifecycle of an App with JSA (install, delete, start, stop).

The following table lists the GUI Application Framework REST API endpoints:

Table 1: GUI Application Framework REST API Endpoints




GET /gui_app_framework/


Application ID

Retrieves a list of status details for all asynchronous requests to create apps.

GET /gui_app_framework/


Application ID

Retrieves a list of status details of an asynchronous request to create apps.

POST /gui_app_framework


Application (.zip) bundle file

Creates an app within the application framework, and registers it with JSA. The app is created asynchronously. A reference to the application_id is returned and must be used in subsequent API calls to determine the status of the app installation.

POST /gui_app_framework/


Application ID, cancel status

Updates a new app installation within the application framework The application_id and a status parameters are required.

GET /gui_app_framework/applications


Retrieves a list of apps that are installed on the JSA console, and their manifest JSON structures and status.

GET /gui_app_framework/applications/{application_id}

Application ID

Retrieves a specific app that is installed on the console and its manifest JSON structure and status.

POST /gui_app_framework/applications/{application_id}

Application ID, start/stop status

Updates an app. Starts or stops an app by setting status to RUNNING or STOPPED respectively.

PUT /gui_app_framework/applications/{application_id}

Application ID

Upgrade an application.

DELETE /gui_app_framework/applications/{application_id}

Application ID

Deletes an application.

GET /gui_app_framework/named_services


Retrieves a list of all named services registered with the Application Framework.

GET /gui_app_framework/named_services/{uuid}


Retrieves a named service registered with the Application Framework by using the supplied uuid.

For more information, see the API documentation page on your JSA console: https://<Console_IP>/api_doc. Alternatively, see the Juniper Secure Analytics API Guide.