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Extensions Management


Use the Extensions Management tool on the JSA Console Admin tab to manage your extensions in your deployment.

Use the JSA Content Management Tool to export your application as an extension. Then, use the Extensions Management tool on the Admin tab to upload, install, uninstall, and delete it. For more information about content management and extensions, see the Juniper Secure Anaytics Administration Guide.

About Extensions

Before you install an extension, the content items are compared to content items that are already in the deployment. If the content items exist, you can choose to overwrite them or to keep the existing data.

When you uninstall an extension, apps that are included in the extension are automatically uninstalled. Content items that are included in the extension must be removed manually.

After the extension is added, a yellow caution icon in the Status column indicates potential issues with the digital signature. Hover the mouse over the triangle for more information. Extensions that are unsigned or are signed by the developer, but not validated by your vendor, might cause compatibility issues in your deployment.