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Installing and Upgrading the WinCollect Application on JSA Appliances


To manage a deployment of WinCollect agents from the JSA user interface, you must first install the WinCollect agent bundle on your JSA Console. This bundle includes the required protocols to enable communication between the JSA system and the managed WinCollect hosts. You can use the WinCollect installation file to initially install a WinCollect bundle on your JSA host and to upgrade your WinCollect agents to newer versions.

  • For information about upgrading WinCollect versions v7.0 through v7.1.0, see

  • If WinCollect v7.2.6 is installed, and then you upgrade JSA from 2014.8 to 7.3.0, the version of WinCollect on JSA will downgrade to v7.2.5. The WinCollect agents that are running on your Windows servers remain at v7.2.6. You will need to reinstall WinCollect v7.2.6 on JSA after the upgrade by using the 730_JSA_wincollectupdate-7.3.0.##.sfs patch.

When you upgrade a WinCollect agent bundle file, the WinCollect agents that are enabled to receive automatic updates from the JSA appliance upgrade to the new version at the next configuration polling interval. If new WinCollect agent files are available for download, the agent downloads and installs updates and restarts required services. No events are lost when you update your WinCollect agent because events are buffered to disk. Event collection forwarding continues when the WinCollect service restarts.


If you reinstalled JSA after a previous WinCollect installation, you must delete the ConfigurationServer.PEM file in Program Files >JSA >WinCollect >config before WinCollect can function properly.

  1. Download the WinCollect agent bundle installation file from
  2. Using a program such as WinSCP, copy the installation file to your JSA system.
  3. Log in to JSA as the root user.
  4. For initial installations, create the /media/patch directory. Type the following command:

    mkdir /media/updates

  5. To mount the installation file, type the following command:

    mount -t squashfs -o loop Installer_file_name.sfs /media/updates


    mount -t squashfs -o loop /media/updates

  6. To change to the /media/patch, type the following command:

    cd /media/updates

  7. To install WinCollect, type the following command and then follow the prompts:


  8. In the JSA admin settings, click Advanced > Deploy Full Configuration.
  9. If you are using JSA 7.3.1 or later, click Advanced > Restart Event Collection Services.
  10. Optional: Verify that WinCollect agents are configured to accept remote updates:
    1. Log in to JSA.

    2. On the navigation menu, click Data Sources.

    3. Click the WinCollect icon.

    4. Click Agents.

    5. Review the Automatic Updates Enabled column for agents with a False value.

    6. Select the WinCollect agents that have a False value in the Automatic Updates Enabled column.

    7. Click Enable/Disable Automatic Updates.

WinCollect agents that are enabled for automatic updates are updated and restarted. The amount of time it takes an agent to update depends on the configuration polling interval for the WinCollect agent.