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Creating an Authentication Token for WinCollect Agents


Third-party or external applications that interact with JSA require an authentication token. Before you install WinCollect agents in your network, you must create an authentication token.

This authentication token is required for every WinCollect agent you install.

The authentication token allows WinCollect agents to exchange data with JSA appliances. Create one authentication token to be used for all of your WinCollect agents that communicate events with your JSA host. If the authentication token expires, the WinCollect agent cannot receive log source configuration changes.

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. On the navigation menu, click System Configuration.
  3. Click the Authorized Services icon.
  4. Click Add Authorized Service.
  5. In the Manage Authorized Services window, configure the parameters.

    Table 1: Add Authorized Services Parameters



    Service Name

    The name can be up to 255 characters in length, for example, WinCollect Agent.

    User Role

    Select WinCollect.

    For more information about user roles, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.


    Do not set an expiry date for the authentication token.

  6. Click Create Service.
  7. Record the token value.