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Configuring a TLS Log Source


To encrypt events and send to JSA, you must configure a log source with a TLS Syslog protocol to establish communication with JSA on port 6514.

  1. Log in to JSA.
  2. Click the Admin tab.
  3. On the navigation menu, click Data Sources.
  4. Click Log Sources > Add.
  5. Configure the following parameters:

    Table 1: TLS Log Source for Wincollect Destination



    Log Source Type

    Select Universal DSM from the list.

    Protocol Configuration

    Select TLS Syslog from the protocol list.

    Log Source Identifier

    The IP address of the WinCollect destination host.

    TLS Listen Port

    The default is 6514.

    Authentication Mode

    Select TLS.

    Maximum Connections

    The default is 50. You can increase the Maximum Connections up to 500.

    Note: The supported number of WinCollect agents per collector is 500.

  6. Click Save.