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    Staging Files and Pretesting your Deployment

    It is important that administrators pretest their deployment to ensure that they will not experience unexpected issues when updating to JSA 7.3.0. A pretest is a common precaution that should be taken by all administrators before they install an update to locate potential issues. The pretest does not restart services and can be completed without scheduled downtime. The pretest typically takes between 3 to 5 minutes to complete on each appliance. If for some reason your SSH session is disconnected, you can reconnect to the remote host using screen.

    The pretest should be completed on all hosts by the administrator before you attempt to upgrade to JSA 7.3.0.

    1. Download the JSA 7.3.0 ISO (3.8 GB) from the Juniper Support website.
    2. Using SSH, log in to your Console as the root user.
    3. Type the following command: screen
    4. To make the directory for the update, type: /opt/qradar/support/ -k “mkdir -p /media/cdrom || umount /media/cdrom"
    5. To verify you have enough space (4GB) in /tmp for the ISO on all appliances, type: /opt/qradar/support/ -k df -h /root /var/log | tee diskchecks.txt
      • Best directory option: /root

        It is available on all appliance types, is the best option to host the ISO file.

      • 2nd best directory option: /var/log

        This directory is available on all appliances, but there might not be the required space available.

      • DO NOT USE: /tmp, /store/tmp, or /store/transient for your ISO upgrade. These directories are partitioned as part of the upgrade and administrators cannot use them as storage locations or mount points for the ISO file.

        If the disk check command fails, retype the quotation marks from your terminal, then re-run the command. This command returns the details to both the command window and to a file on the Console named diskchecks.txt. Review this file to ensure that all appliances have at minimum 4GB of space available in a directory to copy the ISO before attempting to move the file to a managed host. If required, free up disk space on any host that fails to have less that 4GB available.

        Reminder: Utilities or custom scripts that administrators have created for JSA should be copied off of the system. During the 7.3.0 update a warning is displayed that only data in /store will be preserved. Therefore, scripts, 3rd party utilities in /tmp, or /, or /root will be deleted during the upgrade.

    6. If there is not 4GB of space in /root or /var/log, the administrator must make directory space for the ISO file.
    7. Using WinSCP or SCP, copy the ISO to the /root or /var/log directory on the JSA Console with 4GB of disk space for the ISO file.
    8. To copy the files to all appliances, type: /opt/qradar/support/ -k -p /root/JSA7.3.0.iso -r /root
    9. To mount the ISO on all appliances, type the following command: /opt/qradar/support/ -C -k “mount -o loop /root/JSA7.3.0.iso /media/cdrom"
    10. To pretest the Console appliance, type: /media/cdrom/setup -t

      The pretest output will be written to the command window. Review this output after the pretest completes.

    11. Using SSH, open an SSH session to the other appliances in your deployment. JSA Support recommends that all administrators run the pretest on each host to identify issues before the update begins.
    12. To pretest the managed host, type: /media/cdrom/setup -t


    If an appliance in your deployment fails the pretest, the administrators can take the recommended action from the pretest utility. The issue must be resolved before the update to 7.3.0 begins to prevent downtime for specific appliances. If there are messages you do not understand or want to discuss further, you can open an SR with Juniper Customer Support.

    Modified: 2017-12-06