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    Installing the JSA 7.3.0 ISO on all other Managed Hosts

    After the Console and Console HA secondary are updated to JSA 7.3.0, then the rest of the deployment can updated. There is no order required for updating specific appliance types after the Console is updated. Administrators can update Event Processors, Event Collectors, flow processors in any order. You must open an SSH session to each host to run the setup command. The utility is not supported for parallel ISO installations. Administrators can start the ISO update in parallel on multiple hosts, if they are not HA pairs.

    Administrators with appliances that are HA pairs must upgrade the primary appliance first, then the secondary managed host.

    You must complete: Staging Files and Pretesting your Deployment before you begin the installation steps listed below.

    1. Using SSH, log in to the Console as the root user.
    2. Open an SSH session to each managed host and type the following command:


      Note: Upgrades for managed hosts should take approximately 1.5 hours.

    3. Wait for the managed host update to complete.
    4. For HA appliances. If you have an HA Secondary, you can now update the secondary appliance.
    5. Open an SSH session to the manage host HA secondary.
    6. Type the following command to update the secondary: /media/cdrom/setup
    7. Wait for the HA Console secondary to complete the update.


    A summary of the ISO installation advises you of any issues. If there are no issues, administrators can now run the ISO setup on the Console HA secondary appliance, if you have an HA pair. If you do not have a Console in HA, you can then start SSH sessions to each host and run the setup in parallel.

    Modified: 2017-12-04