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Network Simulations in JSA Risk Manager


Use simulations to define, schedule, and run exploit simulations on your network. You can create, view, edit, duplicate, and delete simulations.

You can create simulations that are based on a series of rules that can be combined and configured. The simulation can be scheduled to run on a periodic basis or run manually. After a simulation is complete, you can review the results of the simulation and approve any acceptable or low risk result that is based on your network policy. When you review results you can approve acceptable actions or traffic from your results. After you tune your simulation, you can configure the simulation to monitor the results.

When you monitor a simulation, you can define how you want the system to respond when unapproved results are returned. A system response can be an email, the creation of an event, or to send the response to syslog.

Simulations can be modeled off of a current topology or a topology model.

The Simulation page summarizes information about simulations and simulation results.

Simulation results display only after a simulation is complete. After a simulation is complete, the Results column lists the dates and the corresponding results of your simulation.