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    Adding Devices That Are Managed by SiteProtector

    Use Configuration Source Management to add devices from SiteProtector to JSA Risk Manager.

    The Juniper Networks Internet Security Systems GX and SiteProtector System adapters must be installed before you can add devices.

    The Microsoft SQL protocol must be enabled to use Microsoft SQL Server port 1433.

    1. Click the Admin tab.
    2. On the Admin navigation menu, click Plug-ins.
    3. On the Risk Manager pane, click Configuration Source Management.
    4. On the navigation menu, click Credentials.
    5. On the Network Groups pane, click Add a new network group.
      1. Type a name for the network group, and then click OK.

      2. Type the IP address of your SiteProtector device, and then click Add.

      3. Ensure that the addresses that you add are displayed in the Network address box beside the Add address box.

    6. On the Credentials pane, click Add a new credential set.
      1. Type a name for the credential set, and then click OK.

      2. Select the name of the credential set that you created, and then type a valid user name and password for the device.

        Note: The user name and password are the same credentials that are used to access the SiteProtector Microsoft SQL Server database.

    7. Click OK.
    8. Click Discover From SiteProtector, and then enter the SiteProtector IP address.
    9. Click OK.

    When you add all the required devices, backup the devices, and view them in the topology.

    Modified: 2017-09-13