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Vulnerability Processor and Scanner Appliance Activation Keys


You can scan and process your vulnerabilities by using dedicated JSA Vulnerability Manager managed host appliances.

When you install a processor or scanner managed host appliance, you must type a valid activation key.

For more information about installing a managed host appliance, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Installation Guide for your product.

The activation key is a 24-digit, four part, alphanumeric string that you receive from Juniper Networks. The activation key specifies which software modules apply for each appliance type:

  • The JSA Vulnerability Manager processor appliance includes vulnerability processing and scanning components.

  • The JSA Vulnerability Manager scanner appliance includes only a vulnerability scanning component.

You can obtain the activation key from the following locations:

  • If you purchased a JSA Vulnerability Manager software or virtual appliance download, a list of activation keys are included in the Getting Started document that is attached in a confirmation email. You can use this document to cross-reference the part number for the appliance that you are supplied with.

  • If you purchased an appliance that is preinstalled with JSA Vulnerability Manager software, the activation key is included in your shipping box or CD.