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Processing Certificates for McAfee Vulnerability Manager


To create the keystore and truststore files required by JSA, process the certificates that Foundstone Certificate Manager created.

You must have access to the support portal to download the files that are required to create the truststore and keystore files. The batch files require the path to the Java home directory on the McAfee Vulnerability Manager.

  1. Log in to the support portal to download the following files:
    • VulnerabilityManager-Cert.bat.gz

    • q1labs_vis_mvm_cert.jar

  2. Extract the compressed files and copy the certificates and the downloaded files to the same directory on your McAfee Vulnerability Manager.
  3. Open the command-line interface on the McAfee Vulnerability manager.
  4. Go to the directory location of the files.
  5. To run the batch file, type the following command: VulnerabilityManager-Cert.bat "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_20".

    The quotation marks in the command specify the Java home directory.

  6. Repeat this process to create keystore and truststore files for any more managed hosts in your deployment.

The keystore and truststore files are created. If an error is displayed, administrators can verify the path to the Java home directory.

You are now ready to import the certificates for your JSA appliance. See Importing Certificates for McAfee Vulnerability Manager