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Obtaining the SAINT API Port Number


Before you can add a SAINT scanner in JSA, you must obtain and record the SAINT API port number from the SAINT web console.

The SAINT API port is the port on the SAINT appliance that the SAINT API uses for listening. JSA uses the SAINT API port to send API requests to the SAINT scanner.

You must be a SAINT user with the necessary permissions and have the web address for the SAINT web console. These items are supplied by your scanner administrator.

  1. Log in to the SAINT web console by using the web address that you use to access the SAINT appliance. The web address is provided by your SAINT scanner administrator.
  2. Click Configuration > System Options.
  3. Click the API tab, and then record the SAINT API port number that is displayed in the API Port field.

Use the SAINT API port number when you add the SAINT scanner in JSA.