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Importing Certificates for McAfee Vulnerability Manager


The keystore and truststore files must be imported to the managed host responsible for the scan.

You must add the scanner to a managed host in the scan configuration before you import the certificates. For security purposes, a secure file transfer protocol to copy a certificate file.

  1. To import the certificates, secure copy the mvm.keystore and mvm.truststore files to the following directories in JSA:
    • /opt/qradar/conf/

    • /opt/qradar/conf/trusted_certificates/


      If the /opt/qradar/conf/trusted_certificates/ directory does not exist, do not create the directory. If the directory does not exist, administrators can ignore the file copy for the missing directory.

    If you have a distributed deployment, you must copy the files to the Console and SSH the files from the Console appliance to the managed host.

  2. Log in to JSA.
  3. Click the Admin tab.
  4. On the Admin tab, select Advanced > Deploy Full Configuration.Note

    When you click Deploy Full Configuration, JSA restarts all services. Service restart results in a gap in data collection for events and flows until the deployment process completes.

  5. Repeat the certificate import for any more managed hosts in your deployment that collect vulnerabilities from McAfee Vulnerability Manager.