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    Recovering JSA on a Failed Primary HA Console or Non-console

    You can recover JSA console or non-console (managed host) software on your failed primary HA host.

    These instructions are applicable to the installation or recovery of JSA on a primary console and non-console. You must choose different options according to the appliance you are installing or recovering.

    To recover JSA on a failed primary high availability console or non-console:

    1. Install the necessary hardware.
    2. Obtain the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and install it on your hardware.

      Note: For instructions on how to install and configure the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Installation Guide.

    3. Log in as root.
    4. Create the /media/cdrom directory by typing the following command: mkdir /media/cdrom
    5. Obtain the JSA software from the following location:
    6. Mount the JSA ISO by typing the following command: mount -o loop <path to the JSA ISO> /media/cdrom
    7. Begin the installation by typing the following command: /media/cdrom/setup

      Note: JSA verifies the integrity of the media before installation by checking the MD5 sum. If a warning message is displayed, that the MD5 checksum failed, redownload JSA. For further assistance, contact Juniper Customer Support.

    8. Press the Spacebar to advance each window then type yes to accept the agreement and press Enter.
    9. Follow the instructions in the wizard.
    10. Configure the JSA network settings.
    11. Select Next and press Enter.
    12. Configure the JSA root password.
    13. Log in to JSA.

    Restore the failed primary HA host. See Verifying the Status Of Primary and Secondary Hosts.

    Modified: 2017-09-13