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Verdasys Digital Guardian


The Verdasys Digital Guardian DSM for JSA accepts and categorizes all alert events from Verdasys Digital Guardian appliances.

Verdasys Digital Guardian is a comprehensive Enterprise Information Protection (EIP) platform. Digital Guardian serves as a cornerstone of policy driven, data-centric security by enabling organizations to solve the information risk challenges that exist in today's highly collaborative and mobile business environment. Digital Guardian's endpoint agent architecture makes it possible to implement a data-centric security framework.

Verdasys Digital Guardian allows business and IT managers to:

  • Discover and classify sensitive data by context and content.

  • Monitor data access and usage by user or process.

  • Implement policy driven information protection automatically.

  • Alert, block, and record high risk behavior to prevent costly and damaging data loss incidents.

Digital Guardian's integration with JSA provides context from the endpoint and enables a new level of detection and mitigation for Insider Threat and Cyber Threat (Advanced Persistent Threat).

Digital Guardian provides JSA with a rich data stream from the end-point that includes: visibility of every data access by users or processes that include the file name, file classification, application that is used to access the data and other contextual variables.

The following table describes the specifications for the Verdasys Digital Guardian DSM:




Verdasys Digital Guardian

DSM name

Verdasys Digital Guardian

RPM file name


Supported versions

V6.1.x and V7.2.1.0248 with the JSA LEEF format

V6.0x with the Syslog event format


Syslog, LEEF

Event format


Recorded event types

All events

Automatically discovered?


Includes identity?


Includes custom properties?


More information

Digital Guardian website (