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Packaging and Deploying Your App


Use the JSA GUI Application Framework to package your app as an archive (.zip file) and deploy it to your JSA test environment.

  1. Open a shell prompt and use the cd command to go to the bin sub folder of your SDK installation folder.
  2. Package your app by using the following command syntax:

    qradar_app_creator package -w <path_to_app_folder>/<app_name_folder> -p <>

    • To package an app on UNIX or Linux computers, type the following command:

      qradar_app_creator package -w <path_to_app_folder>/<app_name_folder> -p <>

    • To package an app on a Windows computer, type the following command:

      qradar_app_creator package -w <path_to_app_folder>\<app_name_folder> -p <>

  3. Upload your app (extension) to your JSA Console by using the following command, and then press Enter.

    qradar_app_creator deploy -q <JSA_console_IP> -u admin -p <>.

    Here is an example of the command:

    qradar_app_creator deploy -q -u admin -p


    Make sure that you record the application ID for your app from Application Creation Task state output that is returned when you issue the qradar_app_creator deploy command. You need it when you export you app as a JSA extension.

    In the following example, the application ID is 1023.

    Application Creation Task state: {u'status': u'COMPLETED', u'application_id': u1023', u'error_messages': u'[]'} 

    If you're viewing your JSA console user interface in a browser, refresh your browser to see your app running.

After you successfully test your app, you can use the JSA Content Management Tool to export the app as an extension. You then use the JSAExtensions Management tool on the Admin settings page to install your extension on your JSA console.