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Developing Apps in Eclipse


After you set up your development environment, you import it into Eclipse to use that Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) features to develop your app.

For Python development, install PyDev, the Eclipse IDE that is used in Python development. The latest version of Eclipse can be found on the Eclipse website (

  1. Install PyDev into Eclipse.
    • To install from the Eclipse Marketplace, click Help >Eclipse Marketplace on the main Eclipse Help panel.

    • To install the PyDev repository from (, click Help >Install New Software on the main Eclipse Help panel.

  2. After you install PyDev, switch the perspective to PyDev.
  3. In the PyDev perspective, click File > New >PyDev project and do the following tasks in the PyDev Project dialog box.
    1. Enter a project name.

    2. Select 2.6 from the Grammar Version list.

    3. Select Create links to existing sources

    4. To configure the interpreter to use the virtual environment in the SDK, click Click here to configure an interpreter not listed.

    5. Click New in the Python Interpreters dialog and enter a name and path to the Python executable file on your system.

    6. Click OK.

      Ensure that the site-packages folder path (.../<app_name>/qradar_appfw_venw/lib/python2.7/site-packages) check box is selected when you select the folders to be added to the system python path.

    7. Click Apply, and OK to return to the PyDev Project dialog.

    8. Click Create links to existing sources, and then click Next.

    9. Click Add external source folder and go to the root directory of your development environment, click OK, and then click Finish.

      The new Eclipse PyDev project that contains your development environment appears in your Package Explorer.