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Resources Type


Defines the memory resources to allocate to your app.

The Resources object is not an JSA app type. You use it to configure the amount of memory, in megabytes, that your app can use.

The following table describes the Resources block fields in the manifest.json file.

Table 1: Resources Block Fields








The amount of memory in megabytes that is available for the app to use.

If the resources block is omitted from manifest.json, 200 megabytes of memory is allocated to your app by default.

The following code is a sample resources block from the manifest.json file:

... "resources": [ { "memory":"500", } ] ...


The combined memory requirements of all the apps that are installed on a JSA console cannot exceed 10 per cent of the total available memory. If you install an app that causes the 10 per cent memory limit to be exceeded, the app does not work.

If your app requires a minimum memory allocation, you must provide information about it in your app's documentation.